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Happy Fantasy Dream

by Omar Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:30 am

I got home and I was extremely tired yesterday. So I decided to go to bed early. I slowly closed my eyes and started to sleep. It didn't took long to fall into a deep sleep. As I slept, I began to dream.

I woke up in a bed, and then I was greeted by a girl named Kate. She told me that she found me unconscious in the middle of nowhere and thought I was dead. She told me that I was still breathing and took me back to her place.

When I woke up she wanted to show me her village. It was a small village, but it was lively and colourful. Kate later took me to the beach to show me her favorite place. She later told me that this place I was in. Was a huge island.
Meaning that, I was stranded. I didn't realize that it was a dream as I thought it was real.

The dream felt eternal, days would pass in the dream. But only minutes would pass...
I developed a friendship with Kate. We talked alot in her favorite spot. She asked me where I came from. I couldn't really answer that question as it felt...unfamiliar...

I told Kate that I couldn't really answer that question. She then laughed at me for not remembering. I as well laughed it off.

...I can't remember anything...
I've never seen the beach so peaceful before.
So calm and beautiful. And then, we saw a bird flying in the sky. Kate then told me that she wishes to be a bird and fly for the rest of her life.

For me, it seemed childish. But we can all dream, can we?
Days passed, and I felt at home. I loved this small island as it brought me happiness that i've never felt before. I was at peace.
Later on, I found out that the village would have a festival to celebrate the new year. And everyone was excited about it. Everyone did a little of everything, such as decorations, food and other things left to do.

The festival was going to be on the beach.
I myself was excited about this. I knew that I would have so much fun with this Festival.
Later on I found out that Kate was going to sing in the festival, she invited me to see her when the new year came.

Days passed and it was festival day, everyone was excited! I was excited as well. When it started, everyone was invited to this huge feast. Where the food felt endless.
The food was exquisite, I never tasted anything like this! I can't describe how delicious it was. Everyone digged in. And was stuffed after a while, despite having a lot of people. There was plenty of food on the table.

After that we had a lot of activities, from Football, Digging up people in the sand, making sand castles, oh and there was even a food competition.

It was a fun festival. Some time passed, and it was to say goodbye to the new year. There I saw, Kate ready to sing and say hello to the New year. We all held hands and started to hear Kate's beautiful singi voice.
Her voice was soft and charming. It was something that you would love to hear forever.

In this point of the dream, I forgot what happened. But I then I woke up in bed, and woke up....i went outside to check out the people. Where was everyone? I didn't see anyone...at this time of day, the villagers are out doing their chores...i then ran to the beach to find someone but no one was in sight. I then wondered if Kate was in her favorite spot, so I quickly went there. I couldn't find her either. I then sat down and looked at the warm and smoothing sun. I closed my eyes wishing the safety of everyone. When I opened my eyes, I then saw myself standing in front of me.

At first I was spooked and didn't know what to do...my dopplerganger said. Don't be afraid of yourself. I am your subconscious and I am her to help you...i slowly stood up and asked my subconscious some questions.

The first question was.
Where is everyone? My subconscious sighed and responded... Everyone is an illusion created by me I wanted to create a world where you would be happy for once, as you're always miserable with your life. But now they are gone because you'll soon wake up....
Wa-Wake up? What do you mean?

My subconscious then said. You've been dreaming all the time. Everything you saw isn't real. I'm sorry for putting you through all this.
But for the first time, you smiled, you felt happiness for the first time.

There was a moment of silence...
It is time to go now, to move on. This place will disintegrate soon. Come with me...
I grabbed my subconsciouses hand and flew around the island.

Before waking up, I once again saw the habitats of the island. I then saw Kate waving to me and I waved back. I then saw a bright white light seeing how this island was slowly disintegrating...

As it did...
I woke up...

I woke up and turned my head to the alarm clock It was 8am...
I got up and thought about my dream, how it was full of unforgettable memories.
I was sad that in the end. It was a dream fantasy. I got up and opened the curtains.
It was a beautiful day...

I was disappointed that the world I dreamed of was just made up in my mind.
But then I saw a bird next to my window...
It turned It's head to get a clear view of me...
I then told the little bird to come over here, and it did. I saw the little bird and before I could touch it....it flew away... I was happy that the bird flew away...but in that exact moment. I remembered Kate saying that she wanted to be a bird and fly for the rest of her life...I knew that Kate was part of my imagination and I knew I wouldn't see her again...
As I saw the bird fly into the distance. Started to cry a little and said to myself. I'll miss the moments when we were together....

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Re: Happy Fantasy Dream

by Mikoto Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:12 am

omnomnom.. ya created a near-with-science project, it's name is "Dreamer's Shelter".
Will you make a some knowledge about your own dreams?
Can you give me answers at some questions?
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