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Initial 0.8.6 Impressions

by Blackout Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:12 pm

Yes! I beat Vandheer to it! Anyhow, I haven't posted here very much recently so I figure I owe the game some more attention, so here it goes! Also, I'll be posting a fair amount of suggestions throughout this review, so Mr. Sun will have everything I want to c̶o̶m̶p̶l̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ say for this build in one convenient place. How nice is that? :D

Anyway, onto the impressions.

I am actually very glad to say that I very much enjoyed this update. Usually it seems there is always a thing or two changed that I take such issue with that it occupies my thinking for a good a bit and/or even worse, dare to post about it on this forum. In fact, I can say that I've grown accustomed to the changes of certain mechanics(namely involving combat) in previously builds that used to bother me quite a bit, such as the nerf to the down standard attack and more recently the nerf to the up power-strike. However, I will forever plead for the return of this 'exploit':Image
I love it too much to just let it go, sorry :/. Aside from that, the game is less laggy overall, more difficult, and more stable(visually speaking) than it seems to have ever been, so nice work ;).

Let's move onto Survival. I'd like to think this as an instance where I'd had my voice heard(even if a little bit), but regardless, I love the direction the mechanics of the camera is being taken with bosses in survival in it's emulation of that of the original game! However, my purpose at this forum is to rant about how terrible everything is in Rearmed, so I mustn't neglect my duties: I only have two suggestions I'd like to make for the current state of the camera. The primary one is to have the camera zoom out so it sees you and the enemy boss only once AwW is close enough to the boss for the camera to begin zooming in gradually as AwW approaches said boss. Secondly, please have the camera zoom in very close to both AwW and the boss when AwW is right next to him(similar to the original game). Rearmed suffers in this way from not benefiting from that pow the original game such as when AwW rushes straight up to Vandheer and begins assaulting him. Just worth pointing out as well, the camera focuses on the boss that spawns on the left whenever you are facing two bosses; you can be hugging the one on the right but still the camera is way zoomed out.

Now that we've the boring stuff out of the way, let's talk about what this update really was about: Revival. This is a really cool update for a variety of reasons(which I'll get into). I was relieved to find that this was a power-up one could equip instead of imposed universally('cause you know how we katana purists like our game ;)), but this is actually now the only power-up I might take with me during a normal run(Katana, Futile, No Additonal Power-ups). That might be because it's a suitable workaround the bothersome lives system, but also it is also mechanically well done. One issue I have with it, though, is the constant interruptions of the game slowing down whenever you land an attack on an enemy. This is something that should be reserved to the power-strike if any attack, as the constant breaks interrupt the flow of the combos. Also, the power-strike is infinitely more useful than any other attack during that brief pseudo-steroid period, as the normal attacks seem(at least to me when using katana) to do little, if not, no more damage than they normally do while the power-strikes in charged fully in less than a split second to full power. Also, might I suggest having the nearby enemies to crowd around AwW as he is laying on the ground? I'd be a bit curious if I were a guard and thought I had killed someone but his body did fade away. I'd at least go check it out(and probably keep attacking it as well) to ensure my enemy's death.

What I really like about this update, however, is it's (potential) implications to the lore. It feels to me like this is the first evidence of AwW's real Wings. It's the perfect harmony between the seemingly(boy, I use that word a lot don't I?) mortal being and the angelic corporeal form. This is the perfect embodiment of what Rearmed's story should be and give to the player: "There must be more to it...". It gets the player asking questions. The simplistic plot of slay the evil king should be used to mask the deeper complexities that only enough pieces of the puzzle are given to the player to intrigue him. That is the mystery of AwW. With this in mind, I would also like to suggest having AwW fight in his semi-divine (if that is what it can be called) for the entire duration of the latter half of his fight with Vandheer. Have the initial drop of the soundtrack occur during AwW's moment of "gathering of power(?)", and then, BOOM!! It's a perfect way of making the fight that much more explosive and powerful right off the bat, as well as a great-way to showcase AwW's understanding of his own divine strength.

But all of that, of course, hinges on if I am correct in my assumption that this "revival" ability is of Blackmist.

At the very beginning of the game in the first cut-scene, LW performs a strikingly similar act of recovery when he emerges from his knees in his failed attempt to attack Vandheer. If both of these recoveries are one in the same, then that means unfortunately for me, everything I hoped this revival could signify story and character development wise is completely false and I will be sad :(. If this concept of LW becoming exponential more powerful is divinely inspired, however, then let this be an opportunity for some amending of the opening cut-scene for continuity's sake:

It's no secret I've been vocal about some of my opinions about how the story has changed from the original game to the new one, but as for this instance, I suggest not having LW attack VL at ALL during the opening cut-scene. I assume the entire point of altering the scene to have LW attack VL in the first place was to demonstrate to the player that VL was significantly stronger than LW was. This is all well and good, however(oh, what would I do without this word?) the removal of this scene can be justified in that NOT establishing VL's power DIRECTLY had a couple advantages of it's own in making VL appear intimidating(even more-so, perhaps). 1) Just framing and visual work alone you can give a strong impression. Case in point, the opening scene of the original star wars. The camera work implies the strength and power of the empire over the small and ill-equipt rebels. Nothing needs to be directly and descriptively told to the viewer to know just how dominant the empire really is as it is simply implied and the scene is so much more encapsulating because of its use of that technique. Likewise, as how it is in the opening cut-scene of the original game, Vandheer doesn't have to lift a finger to establish his dominance over the defeated LW: Image
VL stands over his fallen adversary as his army decorates the "ceremony". Rearmed does this as well to an extent:Image
2)I hate to keep referencing Star Wars, but let's examine the Emperor. When Luke confronts the Emperor for the first time, the audience gets the feel of how incredibly powerful the Sidious really is just by his releasing of Luke's handcuffs with just a thought. The Emperor shooting lightning at Luke later on is startling because we see his power in a way we have not before, but we are not surprised because it had already been established that the Emperor was an extremely powerful force user. Likewise, like in the original, VL only had to stand to convey to the player his supremacy. Seeing Vandheer show off his abilities at the close of the cut-scene of AwW encountering VL sitting on his throne readies the player as his worst fears are realized: the witnessing of the King's wrath against him.

So to wrap this whole post up, I want to announce that I plan to have any recorded gameplay of playthroughs(not speed-throughs!) of Rearmed will be first Streamed on my Twitch and then later uploaded to my YouTube channel in the future.

Thank you for reading :D.
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Re: Initial 0.8.6 Impressions

by Daniel Sun Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:41 pm

A very good read! Thank you for posting this so soon update the update launched! Also a good thread to kick start the conversation after the forum got totally shat on by Bots.

Good to hear you like the survival camera! In the scenario when there are 2 bosses on stage, I would like to extend the camera to fit both bosses and the hero. I also want create a short 'boss spawn' sequence.

I also should boost the damage when in super state after Revival. Otherwise i'm happy it's well received. I think making it a perk is a better option then changing the flow of the lives system. I think the lives is pretty okay.

As for the implications of the Revival. When your 'killed' before the revival, the Lone Warrior is not actually dead. He's just been beaten down completely. I imagine, that he whispers to himself "Impressive Mr Foe, now let me show you REAL power!" then proceeds to power up. So this means that it is a completely different type of revival than that at the start of the game :) Hope that clears things ups. There is no story reason as to why it's a perk, purely a game-play reason. We can assume that the Lone Warrior is powerful enough to push into that super mode.

I doubt I'll be changing the intro sequence much. I't's a pretty cool sequence, and if I cut stuff out - it's like removing value. New players should see some kind of cool opening cutscene with action. I do want to update the music, it's really bland. But anything can happen :).

Thanks for the awesome post, i'll get to work.
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Re: Initial 0.8.6 Impressions

by VandheerLorde Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:27 pm

I'm rally glad to see that I've truly started a trend with these impressions posts. Let my legacy live on!

I don't really have anything more to add. Just wants to say that I'm glad the "revival" (More like a 2nd chance) is a perk, and that we still got to keep the old lives system. I think this is a great middle-ground. I also like how it mimics the scene from the intro.

It also makes it feel like you're playing like a boss.. and i don't only mean that it makes Lone-warrior feel like an absolute BOSS. But it actually reminds me of when you defeat a boss, only for it to enter it's 2nd, more dangerous phase. Overall I think it's a nice mechanic :)
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Re: Initial 0.8.6 Impressions

by 3lijahG Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:30 am


vandheere lorde is a good bad boss, needs a few new specials and an ultra and sss

ultimate finishe

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