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The ABlockalypse!

by Daniel Sun Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:35 am

Last weekend I participated in the Global Game Jam in Melbourne hosted by the IGDA and Swinburne University. Dime Studios and myself combined our efforts and created a KILLER multiplayer game which ya'll should check out: The ABlockalypse!

Check out The ABlockalypse on the Global Game Jam website!


Sadly, the end of everything has arrived... Rubble and debris rain violently from above, as if pillaging the inhabited earth with desperate vengeance... As if God himself physically punched the earth! Look! The foundations of our cities are ripped apart like weeds of a garden, and hurled into the skies! Woe to those below, woe as bits and blocks of what was ours, storming down like thunder. We cry! The only fathomable thought stampeding through our hysterical minds, What Now!? With humanity scattering like ants, furiously trying to save themselves, who shall survive? Team up! You can't survive on your own. Find blocks! They’re your only resource. Build piles and Climb! Lava is rising quickly... Oh, and SURVIVE! Or don't.

We built the whole game in 48 hours. Impressive right!??! I took care of the environment art and animation, Dan Clayton handles character art and UI while our programmer Nial Bruce punched in all the code.
Look at these beared'd fools...

Being a Jam veteran, I was baffled at hour amazing out game turned out to be! From the concept creation to the final polish, the development was super smooth. We hardly iterated on design which saved us plenty of time. Pixel art was a good choice, as it turned out to be easy, quick and super effective. Technical issued hardly surfaced over the weekend, which is surprising when using Unity.
We did struggle at the last hour as our UI system was only just being implemented - With that said, I feel our time was spent effectively.

I suggest you all grab some xbox controls (required) and get some friends together. ABlockalypse is amazingly fun!
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