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#IndiesVSGamers and Motorcade

by Daniel Sun Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:04 pm

I usually spend my weekends working on Armed with Wings. That's where I sink in most hours. Last weekend I didn't work on Armed with Wings, sadly... However... I did compete in the #IndiesVsGamers GameJam with my artist buddy Alex Falconer! A Jam that lasted 72 hours! Alex and managed to produce one of the BEST games I've ever made - in my most humble opinion.

I present to you....



It's a top down escort shooter. Your a biker with a gun, and your one job is to protect the VIP limo - don't let enemy destroy it! Grab some xbox controllers and 4 buddies for ultimate fun.

We are extremely happy with how this game turned out. Please play it, and if you like it give it a '5' on GameJolt.

Check out the game on
Give it a '5' on GameJolt
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