There is ALOT of content that dosen't quite get finished... or perhaps some stuff that is a little too silly to feature. Expect to find lots of intresting pieces of work here.


Happy Elephant

There are times in an Elephants life where drastic measures must be taken. Curious ideas need to be resolved and the longest trunk is considered a blessing.


Sun Logo 3

Fiddling around with a new logo


A Giant

A Giant Creature in the Armed with Wings universe.


Daniel Shoots Steve

Steve programmed ZombieMayhem and Mega Boulder Rampage - I shoot him with my finger gun!


Soul Scatter Menu & Art

Soul Scatter was being developed during 2012 for about 2 weeks - The art is super impressive and some of it was actually used in Mega Boulder. The game itself.... didn't turn out to well... See check out the menu and art of what could have been.


Flying Sheep

Many developers created their own FlappyBird clone... Mine is called Flying sheep


Retro Gunner

A pretty pixel shooter. Use the mouse to shoot down enemies. Left and Right arrows to move.



A concept I came up with in 2012. Click to scroll through the layers


Early Leo Animation

Apparently I was making this for a 'Newgrounds Talent Collab'. This would have been made around 2008.