Sun-Studios specializes in convincing, 2D animation. Explore the verious animations and cartoons created over the years. Featuring funny toons, to Mario vs Luigi Matrix style!


Pen License

'When I was in primary/elementry school, It was in grade 3 that students needed to obtain a Pen License...' - Daniel Sun


Attack of the Birds

One young lad sits by the local pond... feeding the birds. He soon finds himself running for his life once all the bird seeds have been eaten.



A boy sits in his room, making his animation. After many weeks of production, he finally finished... or is he?


Midnight Stalk

Let this be a lesson for all you night walkers! Be aware of those following you, for it would be most unpleasant if they were to strike!


Power Star

The Mushroom Kingdom faces an unexpected threat. Mario falls under possession of a pack of Boos (ghosts), seeking out the Power Stars.


Power Star 2

As Mario's plans become clear, the mushroom kingdom prepares themselves for the most fierce struggle against their own hero.


Power Star 3

An epic battle rages on between the two brothers. Who will emerge victories?


Power Star 4

The grand conclusion of the Power Star series.


Boy Battle Destiny

This is story about a young boy, destined for absolute greatness. Even fate cannot control destiny. In this chapter of 'Boy Battle Destiny', Boy will fight ghost. Are you ready?!?!